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Escape to Spade…

When you first walk into our business, you’ll instantly notice our attention to detail and our emphasis on perfection. We’re no ordinary skin care facility, but rather an indulgent retreat where anyone can escape the demands of everyday life, if only for a brief time. Everything from the unique décor of our establishment, to the friendly, knowledgeable staff who greets you as you arrive, is our way of welcoming you to a new standard of relaxation and enjoyment.

Immediately upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by an experienced Spade Client Consultant, who will discuss your treatment selections and address any questions you may have about the procedures. While you wait, you’ll enjoy flavored waters, teas or coffee, which add to the tranquil, relaxing nature of our facilities.

When it’s time for your appointment to begin, you’ll also enjoy the comforts of a specially prepared room and the services of your own personal Skin Care Therapist. Your therapist will give you a moment to get settled and then begin your treatments.

Once you’re finished, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like and enjoy the serene atmosphere that we’ve worked hard to provide for all of our clients: after all, this is meant to be your escape from reality! We encourage you to rest in the quiet room or hang out in the lounge. If you’re hungry, we can even have food brought to you from a nearby restaurant.

When you’re ready to leave, you can check out at our reception desk and conveniently make your next appointment or pick up literature on other procedures that you may have previously wondered about. And, as you exit our facilities back into the fast paced world outside, we hope that you’ll remember your time at Spade and come back soon to do it all over again.