Functional Medicine – Consultation


We have carefully assembled a team of medical professionals who are experts in field of Functional Medicine to develop a unique program for our patients. We are excited that you decided to allow our providers to address disease at its roots. We start with the following steps:

Complimentary 10-15 min. strategy session

The initial step enables you to learn about Functional Medicine and to determine if you are a good candidate for Functional Medicine. During this FREE session, we discuss your health challenges, goals and readiness.

Comprehensive Health Consultation

Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for Functional Medicine, you will be sent a set of in-depth online intake forms and will be booked in to meet with our provider. This detailed appointment will cover health history, symptom review, lifestyle and occupation, current and past diet, exercise regime, previous test results and anything else relevant to your case. A streamlined iridology exam will also be carried out as part of the analysis. Upon completion, we will discuss whether any additional testing needs to be carried out and then review the information. A personalized health program will be drawn up for you and presented in a follow-up session

Personalized Health Program

In this follow-up consultation, a report of findings based on the information gathered in the initial consultation will be discussed with you. You will also receive an individualized health program for you that includes the following: detailed holistic nutrition menu plan that includes recipes and grocery shopping list, individually-tailored supplement program based on your unique needs, and exercise, lifestyle and stress management recommendations. Programs typically run for 8+ weeks depending on the complexity and severity of your condition