Functional Medicine – Depression

Functional Medicine Approach to Depression

What is depression?
This is a question that may be answered in different ways, since the spectrum may range from occasional sadness to lack of appetite, insomnia, weight loss, disinterest for activities and social contact, and at its worse form- disinterest for life.

A typical patient has already visited conventional doctors, who likely prescribed numerous drugs to address their condition. These patients understandably feel frustrated because conventional medicine has failed to address their underlying symptoms and they aren’t feeling better. They’re tired of going from prescription to prescription with varying results and miserable side effects.

Like other health issues, we take a radically different approach to depression. we attempt to understand what creates it, because to call someone depressed says nothing about the underlying causes that create depression. Emerging research, for instance, reveals a gut-brain connection. When it comes to the gut, most physicians and scientists miss what is right in front of us, because we are looking for solutions in the wrong place.

We have seen emotional, psychiatric, and behavioral symptoms triggered by problems in the gut. The conventional medicine fails to connect the dots and treat underlying causes of depression When it comes to broken brains, the key to this new paradigm is simply this: Your depression is not in your head. It is in your body. When you fix your body, you fix your broken brain. Your energy, memory, focus, and your joy will all increase. Depression will fade away like a bad dream.