Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

The Procedure

You’ll receive a first-class experience with stunning results while undergoing Spade’s Permanent Cosmetic Makeup procedure! Our cosmetic method produces designs that resemble makeup for the skin of the face, lips and eyelids.Try our 3D Eyebrow Sculpting and 3D Sparkling Lips which are our latest permanent techniques.
Each procedure begins with consultation, mockup of the artwork, topical anesthetic, micro-pigmentation and finishes with after care instruction and care products. A follow up procedure is recommended within a month. During the follow up any adjustment (shape or color) or depositing of more color can be done to ensure color longevity.


The benefit to permanent makeup is waking up every day with your “face on.” You can swim, exercise, shower and wake up still looking put together and ready to go. It can be ideal for the woman who is constantly on the go. Permanent makeup may be for you if:

  • You’ve lost hair due to chemotherapy, accidents, burns, or cosmetic surgery.
  • You have a difficult time applying makeup due to age or conditions, such as arthritis.
  • You have allergies to traditional makeup or have sensitive skin.


Am I a good candidate for Permanent Makeup?

We strongly recommend to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and the procedures which you are interested in. A patch test will be performed to determine if you have any sensitivity or allergy to the pigment. We use sterilized pigments made in the USA.

What if I am going to have Botox or Fillers?

You should have your permanent cosmetics procedure done before you have Botox or fillers. Botox/Fillers will make the color heal weaker and sometimes make the lip color look “cool,” even slightly bluish. We cannot accept responsibility of color changes if you decide to have Botox/fillers after a permanent procedure. Additionally, it may impact the eyebrow symmetrical balance.

I had an unsatisfactory permanent cosmetics procedure done elsewhere, can Spade fix it?

In most cases we can significantly improve your bad procedure, depending on how much time you want to invest. Color correction is not a simple touch-up. A consult is important to determine the situation.

Is Permanent Cosmetics appropriate for men?

Men who have had hair transplants can have hair-like strokes placed in the bare areas of the scalp where hair follicles are harvested. For men who have had face lifts it is possible to camouflage face lift scars or add hair strokes to enhance the sideburns that may have been moved.

What is permanent Cosmetic Make-up?

Permanent Cosmetic Make-up is a procedure known as micro-pigmentation. Custom blended colors are deposited into the dermal layer of skin to simulate natural looking or well defined make-up. This process is a selective art form of traditional tattooing whereby the natural features of the face are enhanced and defined. The results are beautiful, immediate and permanent!

What is 3D Eyebrow Sculpting?

3D cosmetic eyebrow sculpting is a permanent technique using organic color pigment drawn onto the skin giving natural looking eyebrows. The technique used is feathering of hair like strokes creating beautifully designed brow. It creates the background and fills in the parts of the eyebrows that looked empty so that a full and complete look is accomplished.

What is Organic Permanent Make-Up?

It is a technique of applying organic pigments into the outer layer of the skin. A micro-needle power pen is used that is 100% safe. This causes no downtime, takes 20 to 40 minutes and lasts 2 to 5 years.

What is difference between Regular and Organic Permanent Makeup?

The organic pigments are vegetable dye base which body can breaks down the pigments until it disappears while non-organic can turn blue, green or orange due to iron-oxide pigments. In addition, the organic procedure time much less.

Who benefits from Permanent Cosmetic Make-up?

Women with active lifestyles who want the time saving convenience without the daily routine of applying makeup, Men and women with scars from surgery or trauma, Women who have difficulty applying make-up because of poor vision or physical limitations, Women wishing to change the shape and shade of their lips or the shape of their eyebrows and Women, who are allergic to cosmetics.

Is the permanent cosmetic procedure uncomfortable?

In most cases discomfort is minimal. Procedures are performed with the most effective topical anesthetics available, providing nearly total numbing of the area involved.

How scars, acne and pimples are camouflage procedure performed?

Custom-blended color is matched to natural skin tones, and then deposited into the dermal layer of skin in order to camouflage the discoloration, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How long do I need to allow for a procedure?

An average time is about 2-3 hours for a procedure, although some procedures do not take that long.

Will I be able to choose the shape and color I want?

Yes, if a client knows exactly how she wants the permanent procedure done, she should come with her make up done like that to the consultation.

What if I want to change my lip color after having permanent color?

Lipstick may be worn in the same way it was worn prior to pigmentation for changing the color of the lips.

What qualifications should I look for in a practitioner?

A good practitioner is fully licensed and insured.

How long does permanent cosmetic procedures last?

Typically, procedures last at least 2 years or more without noticeable fading. The color slowly fades so the color does not disappear. Due to body chemistry, medications, and a lifestyle that includes sun exposure, chlorine pools, and dermal exfoliates, the longevity can be shortened or lengthened.

What are the risks of infection after permanent cosmetic procedures?

Anytime the skin is broken, there is a risk of infection. We only use sterile, single use of disposable needles and abides by OSHA and the California Department of Public Health standards. Although clients are warned not to touch pigmented area, something as ordinary as sunglasses touching a pigmented area can transfer germs. Only in rare cases are there infections and one must immediately see a physician.

Is a permanent cosmetic procedure expensive?

When compared to other cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers, permanent cosmetic procedures are relatively inexpensive. Permanent cosmetics last much longer and touch up applications is years apart rather than months apart

What is Medical Micro-pigmentation?

Medical micro-pigmentation is the camouflaging of skin discolorations due to injury, medical surgery, aging of disease. Custom-blended color is skillfully matched to natural skin tones, and then deposited into the dermal layer of skin in order to camouflage the discoloration, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Plan to follow the following instructions for 7 days after your procedure.

DO NOT TOUCH the healing pigmented area with your fingers, they may have bacteria on them and create an infection.
No make-up tinting of lashes or brows, sun, soap, sauna, steam, exercise, Hot Yoga, Jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or in the ocean until area is completely healed
If you are a blood donor, you may not give blood for 1 year following your procedure. (per red cross)
Clients color will look MUCH darker for the first 10 days as the procedure has blood and lymph in it. After the area peels, the color will be softer.
If you have had Botox or facial fillers in the past six months you must wait until product has dissipated from your tissue prior to receiving any permanent make-up procedure.

Please be advised that eyebrows are sisters not twins. They will never be perfect because of muscle, tissue, and bone formation of the formation of the forehead. We will make them as symmetrical as we possibly can.


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