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Spade Skin Care Permanent Makeup Training

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Over 20 years of professional training experience.

Best Value

We offer comprehensive training program including assistance in establishing your business and consulting assistance after training programs.

Best Quality

We provide hands on training programs. We assist you to launch your business in less than a month. Our private class enables you to have adequate time to spent 1 on 1 time with our professional staff. Our marketing program allows you to introduce your new business to your potential customers.

For more information, please call (310)-316-1954.


The Permanent cosmetics require using needles to deposit pigments into the dermal layer of skin. There are specific methods that must be followed to accomplish this, therefore proper training is essential.

The industry standard essential educational program for the beginning technician includes a minimum of 5 day (40 hour) in-house training program, as well as procedural demonstrations by the instructor and supervised and assisted hands-on experience for the student.

The Profession you are considering can be exciting and exceptionally rewarding, both personally and financially. Your success in this industry, however, is directly related to the quality of the training you receive.

You will learn these highly sophisticated and specialized techniques from Spade qualified and professional technicians who have performed these procedures on numerous clients for years.

There are no shortcuts to success! The investment you make in yourself for optimum education in your chosen profession will ultimately make a decisive difference as to whether you succeed or fail.

For more information, please call (310)-316-1954.

This training program is not to receive training and become just a Permanent Makeup artist. We train you to become an entrepreneur.

Introduction to Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Learn the rich history, benefits and its limitations. Permanent makeup has become a little harder to do all for positive reasons and regulations in the field not just anyone can become a permanent makeup artist now.

Learn Standard Precautions, OSHA requirements, cross-contamination, all appropriate procedures, methods and techniques.

Facial Morphology Physiognomy
Learn to see the entire face; learn to identify facial shapes and the characteristics of each feature. Learn to create the ideal and appropriate shape and placement of eye brows, eyeliners, lash enhancements and lip liners.

Anatomy of the Eye
Learn the anatomy of the eye and eyelids and the areas safe for tattooing and those that are not and why. Learn safe tattooing techniques that enhance and flatter the shape of the eyes.

Skin/Skin Disorders
Learn where and how pigment is placed into the skin. Disorders, scar tissue, Fitzpatrick Scale, textures, tones, aging, elasticity and how all of these factors affect the ultimate healed results.

Patient/Client Treatment
Learn how to evaluate each client, consult and offer Informed Consent. Live models are scheduled so the trainee can observe the instructor during the initial consultation identifying areas that require medical clearance prior to the treatment. Application of cosmetic rules regarding shape, color and amount of permanent cosmetic appropriate for the client are shown as well as evaluating the client’s expectations of the procedure (s). Over-the-counter cosmetics are applied to the client and review of realistic expectations will be reiterated.

Blood Borne Pathogen (BPP)
You will be trained on site and receive a certificate by a Safety and Health OSHA compliance consultant who is an authorized Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention trainer in the Greater Los Angeles area and surrounding counties in California for the past 12 years.

Patient/Client Management
Learn the importance of consultation, communication skills, ethics, health history and identifying personality problems and how to handle unrealistic expectations.

Pre/Post Treatment
Description of procedure and instructing clients on their before and after care. Describe to each client when they should seek medical treatment for possible contraindications. Equipment and Supplies: (Permanent Makeup Kit will be provided) Learn types, maintenance, sources, needle clusters, pigment knowledge. A supply list of each item used in practice will be provided along with vendor contact information.

Hands on Exercises and Demonstrations
Learn applications of 3-D eyebrows, 3-D Sparkling Lips, California Lips, eyeliners and lip liners. Learn appropriate selection of pigment colors, use of topical anesthetics for client comfort and tips for working conservatively. Observance of the instructors techniques form while doing procedures. Proper positioning of technician’s body, especially the arm and hand, and correct use of machine for a safe and stable application.

Extensive Color Theory
Learn color control with tried and true formulas and comprehensive appreciation for color behavior intra-dermally. Learn techniques on altering and correcting color.

Marketing and Business Consideration
Learn business laws; the business aspect of your clinic regarding liability, insurance and guidelines to becoming an independent contractor will be covered. All client forms are supplied for you so you can focus on just performing the procedure, i.e. Health History, Pre-Procedure, Post-Procedure, Informed Consent Form, Re-Consent Form, Consultation/Incident Sheet, Formula Record, etc. will be included.

Business Establishment
You are required by state and city to comply with specific requirements. We will train you to setup your business in one month and obtain the necessary permits such as Health department registration, Hepatitis consent form, Body Art Practitioner Registration , Customer consent form and after care instruction, Infection prevention control plan, DBA, City business license, Sharp container, business sign requirements, procedure room setup and more.

Class Hours and Class Time
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday through Friday
Class Time: A total of 40 hours with 10 hours of at home-study(The 1 on 1 training hours varies and scheduled in advance)

Training Manual

A comprehensive authorized training manual will be provided. The book will give you in-depth instructions, questionnaires, release and other important forms, quick checklists of the techniques used for numbing.
Post Training: One year of assistance after the training program is included.

Permanent Makeup Kit Included
We provide permanent makeup kit with enough supplies to perform 5 procedures.

Pigments Supplied
The pigment we shall use in class will be supplied for all procedures.

Student Models
The pigment we shall use in class will be supplied for all procedures.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course which will include a written examination, student will receive a certificate of completion.

You will also receive the insurance company forms to be submitted for your business as a Permanent Cosmetics Specialist.
Payment/Registration Fee
Full payments is due before the first day of class .

Class Rules:

Our Class Rules

  • Each Student must conduct themselves in an honorable and ethical manner, showing professionalism, dignity and respect for your fellow Students as well as our Models.
  • All Students are to maintain a professional appearance at all times. Technicians may wear “scrubs” tops. Regular slacks or skirts may be worn, or you may wear “scrubs pants/tops” if preferred. No shorts cut off jeans or open toe or heel shoes.
  • No cell phone is permitted while the class is in session. Calls can be made during lunch or scheduled breaks.
  • You will have two 15 min. breaks and a half hour lunch. There are places to eat at walking distance.
  • OSHA Blood born Pathogen standard mandates that no food and beverages are allowed under any circumstance in the procedure rooms.
  • Our Models have agreed to allow you to take their before and after photos. Please bring a camera with you to class. You may photograph the procedure area, procedure table, stretching positions etc. Video or audio taping is not allowed.
  • If you have a friend or relative who would like to act as a Model, let them know they will need to call in advance before your class to sign up.
  • We ONLY allow the Models and Students in the Procedure Rooms during class time. We do not allow friends or family members in the Procedure Rooms during class time. Please ask your friends and relatives to meet with you after class.

Weekly Treatments


Annual Earning



The reason permanent cosmetics artists can charge these prices is because it takes real skill and technique to produce superb work, and to do that you need the very best training available.

Our courses have been designed to provide you with the skills needed to start earning as much as possible. As you progress through the levels and get more highly skilled, you should be able to charge more for your treatments too. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment on your part too.

For more information, please call (310)-316-1954.

Going out into the big wide world with a new skill involves many challenges. We know it can be tough so we offer a wide range of support services to all our students
  • Access to discounted supplies for our students thru our local suppliers
  • Our friendly staff will continue to provide support and advice after training
  • Assistance in building your marketing materials (website, flyers,…)
  • Assistance in obtaining the required licenses
  • Assistance in establishing your business (A-Z)
  • Comprehensive manuals detailing everything discussed in class.
  • One year continue support.

For more information, please call (310)-316-1954.