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Spade Skin Care Collagen Treatment (Facial)

You’ll receive a pre-facial skin consultation using our 3 D skin analysis technology to determine the products and treatments best suited to your skin type. Once a detailed record of your skin care history is made, your skin care therapist will custom-design a treatment regimen unique to you and your individual life style

For a treatment suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, we use ultrasonic exfoliation/penetration which is a fabulous treatment. How it works is a vitamin solution is applied to the skin to loosen surface dead skin cells and a guided spatula activated by ultrasonic soundwaves (28,000 vibrations per second) lifts the dry skin cells off the skin. While doing this, the vitamin solution is also being infused deep into the skin allow the “new” skin cells to get hydrated. The end results are better, safer for the skin and longer lasting.

ALL Spade Facials Include:

  • 3 D Skin Analysis using the State of Art skin imaging technology
  • Hands Rejuvenation
  • Ultrasonic Exfoliation and penetration
  • Oxygen Therapy

Spade Style Formulated with Love

90 Mins @ 190


A firm favorite with customers, this treatment blends pure luxurious pampering with technical expertise. The ultimate bespoke facial, our intensive, deep-cleansing treatment ensures exceptional results whatever your age or skin type. Your skin will benefit from special techniques and non-invasive skincare technology. Lasting a luxurious hour and a half, whilst the powerful naturally active ingredients work their magic to help restore the health and beauty of your skin.

Royal Platinum Glow Facial

60 Mins @ 150


It is a reformative treatment that prevents premature aging. Intensely nourishes and provides an immediate lifting effect. Powerfully repairs and regenerates cellular structures and provides the skin with great firmness. Helps remove wrinkles and expression lines, and prevents the skin from losing elasticity. Results are immediately visible after the first treatment.

Dionysus Wine Crystal Facial

60 Mins @ 150


Red Wine Resveratrol has been formulated specifically to aggressively protect against signs of aging such as environmental damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. It is loaded with protective antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, Marine collagen, growth factors, Argireline, and other beneficial nutrients. This instantly hydrating, super-nourishing facial treatment keeps skin healthy, vibrant, and youthful.

24K Gold Collagen Facial

60 Mins @ 110


Good for all skin types and it lifts, firms, anti-wrinkle, luminosity, and whitens. Highly effective, 24K Gold Mask penetrates quickly into the skin and boosts rejuvenation on the cellular level. It delivers its nutrients deep below the surface, fighting the underlying causes of wrinkles and aging. Not only does it help reduce the appearance of existing signs of aging, but prevents future wrinkles from forming and restores a healthy, radiant complexion.

Vitamin C Infusion

60 Mins @ 100


Environmental exposure creates a broad range of problems for skin, that’s why this treatment is formulated to restore clarity, texture, elasticity and firmness, while fading pigmentation and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. This Treatment – Promotes collagen synthesis, lifting and firming effects. It battles against free radicals that cause irreparable cell damage. It increases detoxifying activities and smoothies stress/age related lines.

Acne Clarifying Facial

60 Mins @ 100


Designed for acute acne with hyper-pigmentation. It benefits psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and seborrhea conditions. Will remove Impurities, excess sebum, tones and prevents skin pigmentation with antiseptic results. The active Ingredients are Dead Sea Minerals, Tree Tea Oil, Sulfur, Iodine and Alginate. The balanced combination of products gives the skin a visibly refined appearance, resulting in more supple and radiant skin.

Rice Bran Collagen

60 Mins @ 100


This unique, cooling treatment provides the absolute best solution for eliminating swelling and puffiness. Rice Bran Collagen prevents the delicate skin under the eyes from premature aging and helps to promote a more youthful general skin appearance. It’s great for normal, mature or dehydrated skin types and can greatly improve the look of your skin in just one hour!

Anti-Aging Caviar

60 Mins @ 100


This treatment contains protein-rich caviar and powerful antioxidants, effectively treating damaged, stressed or dry skin with outstanding protection before and after UV Irradiation. Our Anti-Aging Caviar is packed with a number of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that can deliver a boost to the skin that it desperately needs to remain healthy. The fatty acids—Omega-3 and Omega-6—aid in the repair of damaged skin tissue while promoting the production of collagen; Vitamins A and E correct damaged skin tissue with their moisturizing properties; Potassium and Selenium are nutrients that improve elasticity and prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Men’s Facial

60 Mins @ 120


Designed with him in mind, It includes all the care of the Spade specially custom made facial, while incorporating more enzymes and deeper pore cleansing in order to address the specific needs of male skin. We also pay special attention to problems resulting from shaving (razor bumps, etc.).

Back Facial

60 Mins+ @ 120+


From minor to major back breakouts, this relaxing treatment consists of steaming, microdermabrasion, removal of blemishes, deep cleansing, and the application of a therapeutic mask.

Teen Facial

60 Mins @ 60


Keep that developing face perfectly clean and sparkling with our teen custom facial, designed especially for young adults. We concentrate on problems facing teenaged skin by removing impurities, soothing inflamed skin and reducing excess oils that can lead to breakouts and acne.