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Spade Treatments - Paramedical Tattooing

Spade Skin Care Paramedical Tattooing


Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing

It provides a finishing touch to surgical procedures, camouflaging scars and burns, and breast reconstruction. Micropigmentation’s ability to break up scar tissue and color it to better match your natural skin tone improves your appearance and gives you renewed confidence in your appearance….. More »



Areola Pigmentation

Areola Pigmentation is for women and men who have undergone breast reconstruction due to cancer, areola pigmentation is often the last procedure in a long series of doctor’s appointments… More »



Scar Camouflage

This procedure helps burn victims or anyone with irregular skin tone. Irregularities can be camouflaged and balanced with carefully mixed pigment, giving the appearance of an even skin tone and eliminating visual distractions. Topical anesthetics are used to relieve discomfort….. More »




Once burnt skin has healed or a year after any skin graft work our camouflage pigments can be used to blend color to existing skin tones….. More »



Scar Relaxation

Scar Relaxation helps to release tension in scar tissue that limits movement. The results are instant, creating more flexible tissue. This procedure often helps burn victims regain basic body movements… More »



Cleft Lip

The appearance of a cleft lip can be dramatically improved with Micropigmentation by creating a balanced shape and camouflaging scars the lip is given definition and volume…. More »



Derma C³

It is designed to treat visible scars as a result of burns, disease, accidents or surgical trauma. This procedure breaks down the fibrous bands of collagen in the scar and results in your own natural reproduction of collagen, elastin and melanocytes fills in…. More »>