Am I a Good Candidate for Vascular Laser Treatments?

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Vascular laser treatments are a safe and effective way to remove unsightly spider veins in your legs and on your face. They can treat broken vessels, rosacea, leg veins and facial spider veins, so you no longer need to try to cover them with clothing or makeup. The treatment itself requires no incision or downtime, and you will experience only minimal discomfort. Laser treatment clears up vascular skin imperfections and revitalizes the skin on your face.

You may be a good candidate for vascular laser treatments if you have small, broken blood vessels on your face, legs or other parts of your body. During a consultation with our trained professional, your skin problems can be diagnosed and you will learn about the treatments that may be your best options, including vascular laser treatments.

Laser vein removal does not leave any scars. This causes the veins to disappear without harming the surrounding skin. It can reduce the appearance of spider veins almost immediately with no recovery time necessary. You can drive and go back to work after the treatment. Your legs will have their youthful appearance. Depending on the size of the area to be treated, treatment can take as little as 10 minutes. Thanks to our new laser technology.

If you have ever wished that you could get rid of broken blood vessels on your face, legs or other parts of your body, you are in luck. With vascular laser treatments, we may be able to help you have smooth, clear skin again.The number of vascular laser treatments required to clear your face or legs depends on the number, size and color of the vessels that are being treated. Our specialist may be able to give you a good idea of how many treatments are required for you to get the best results. You will also learn what to do before treatment. There are no major preparations, but certain things should be avoided.

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